Under the old Criminal Records Bureau system people who wanted to work with children had to gain clearance for each group of children.  not only was this inefficient it was slow and always out of date because it was a one-off criminal records check - it took no account of criminal activity recorded after the check had been carried-out.



The new DBS check allows individuals to undergo a single clearance procedure which stays with them for life.  What is even better is that, if the individual registers for the government's DBS update service, their clearance is then checked and updated weekly and the results are constantly available online.  This allows schools to very easily verify each vistor's DBS clearance very quickly and simply.


To perform an online DBS check anyone can simply…


2:  Input your details.
Organisation name, your forename, your surname.


3:  Input the details of the visitor they would like to check.
DBS Certificate Number, Surname, Date of Birth.


4:  Confirm your right to perform the check.


… to receive a simple statement (which can of course be printed and retained for your records) about the individual's live DBS status.